Get on the right path with The Career Coach Professional

Everyone has a gift; an inherent TALENT. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to match up your talent(s) with the right job/environment to make them come alive. One can have all the self-motivation, but without the correct DIRECTION, goals will never be achieved.

Let us assist in placing you on the right career path that brings out your AUTHENTIC self. CHOICES are the CORNERSTONE to one’s life, including the entire job preparation and search processes. Through our extensive consultative approach, we have developed a way to merge your career aspirations with the specific, measured findings of the ‘Career Assessment’.

"When I found myself miserable at a dead end job I hated, I knew I needed to make a change. After attempting a fruitless job search on my own, I called Arlene for help. She updated and revitalized my resume, empowered me with job search strategies, and dusted off my interviewing skills, providing feedback, streamlining my responses, and organizing my thoughts. Her help made the difference and I soon landed my dream job."
   - Diana Hill